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Broker slams major banks over lending criteria

The tougher lending criteria being imposed by the major banks, particularly in regards to living expenses, is silly and irrelevant, the former CEO of the Australian Institute of Professional Brokers has argued.

Speaking to MPA’s sister publication Australian Broker, founder and owner of Melbourne-based Universal Wealth Management, Maria Rigoni, says the tougher rules are hurting prime borrowers.

“Lending criteria is getting harder and harder so really good, credit-worthy borrowers are being declined loans on the most simple and silly of reasons.

“What is happening is people are finding it harder and harder to borrow or refinance. You might have all these cheaper options out there, but with the way that [the banks] are squeezing down how much people can borrow, consumers are being stuck in high interest rate loans and you can’t move.”

Rigoni’s argument comes just after ANZ announced in a note to mortgage brokers that it would change the way minimum living expenses were calculated when it decides on home loans.

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Source: MPA | 11 Apr 2016
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