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And They Are Off!

Today the first of the major banks announced it will be increasing its interest rates despite the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) keeping rates on hold for over 24 months. Westpac has been the first to jump out of the starting blocks announcing the all variable mortgage rates will increase by 14 basis points (0.14% […]

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Welcome Savinesh (Savi) Prasad

Morbanx is very pleased to welcome Savinesh Prasad to the team. To say Savi is passionate about exceeding his clients expectations is an understatement. Those that have been fortunate to have Savi help them will attest to his commitment to providing leading lending solutions backed by exceptional customer service. Servicing clients Australia wide, Savi is […]

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Moving On Up

According to a report from Moody’s Investors Service Home Loan interest rates are likely to increase further. Some smaller lenders have already increased their interest rates and Moody’s are predicting the major banks will follow suit. The belief is that the only thing stopping the major banks from increasing rates right now is they want […]

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Welcome Michael Larkings

Morbanx is very pleased to welcome Michael Larkings to the team. Michael has a proven track record of providing exceptional customer service and getting great results for his clients. Although based in ACT, Michael, like all the Morbanx team, will be servicing clients from all over Australia. Find out more about Michael on our Meet The […]

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Happy New Financial Year!

As we start the new financial year, now is a great time to review all things financial. Below are just a few: Home Loans Investment Loans Unsecured debt (Personal Loans, Credit Cards, Store Cards, etc.) Debt reduction goals Savings goals Budget  – I prefer to call it Cash Flow Management Home & Contents Insurance Car […]

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Paying Your Bills On Time Is Now Much More Important!

The Australian Government has proposed a change that may affect you from 1 July 2018 – Comprehensive Credit Reporting (CCR). CCR is also know as positive credit reporting and the proposed legislation mandates the reporting of both positive and negative credit history. What this means for you Today your credit history includes credit enquiries (applications for consumer […]

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