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It’s Done!

This post is from my good friend and Mentor, Warwick Merry:

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There is nothing like seeing your name in print.

It is even better when it is on a body of work that contributes to the lives of others.

The book above, Mortgages Demystified, has been a labour of love for one of my mentoring clients, Andrew Larcombe. After months of work, years of experience and a lot of fine work detail, the book is DONE!

Now naturally as a mentoring client of mine I want to rave about how good the book is (and it is really good!)
I also want you to make sure that you know there is a really good first release deal which includes postage, a finance audit and audio program on the Negative Gearing Trap (you can check out the deal here).
As an avid property investor myself, I also want to make sure that you learn some of the basic finance principles and ideas in this book that will have a significant impact on your financial future.

Most importantly, I want you to experience the feeling of “It’s Done”.

That feeling when you have finally achieved something you have been striving for. All the hard work, inconvenience, and effort finally turning into the outcome you are after. The look that Andrew had on his face holding the copy of his book that he had been talking about for years and finally had been able to put together. It’s Done!

Andrew willingly admits that I have been his “fluffy slipper”. It was easy for him to get sidetracked on more “urgent” issues in his business and his life (he got married, had a honeymoon, hired new staff, doubled his mortgage broker mentor program all while writing this book). Knowing I was around to give him a kick in the backside with the “fluffy slipper” and focus on what was “important” made all the difference.

Where do you need the “fluffy slipper”? What is happening in your life where you want to feel “It’s Done!”

See Warwick’s original blog post here

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